[SOLVED] Window show

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This code work fine here: https://webix.com/snippet/e0b2774e

Copy and paste in my code, and get error:

TypeError: $$(...) is undefined in line 14

That I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance



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    Looks like the window is still undefined at the moment you call it.

    We can't reproduce the issue, but first of all, please try to wrap webix.ready around all these declarations.

    If it won't help, can you please provide more details on your app/page structure? Do you use Webix Jet or another framework in addition to Webix UI?

  • Thanks... I review and feedback...

  • Ok, if I move code into webix.ready, work fine.

    But it's strange, I have many controls in separate files and works fine.

    Only view window need this.

    Very thanks

  • Note: When I close the window, I need call webix.ready again with the declaration of this window, if I not do, the error (undefined) show again.

    I thinks it's a problem with view window.

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