webix Jet, send parameter to view by url

I need to send a parameter to existing view by url (to use it in SEO)
current url is: /app/view
need to change it to: /app:lang=en/view
other parts of url must not change
how to do this in new Jet?
in prev version this was possible using this.$scope.show({lang:'en'})



  • I can confirm the regression, will be fixed.

    Right now, show accepts only one string parameter (url).
    You can use


    still, these parameters will be available in the JetView class methods (urlChange, for example)

  • I am using typescript version, so my workaround is

    import {parse, url2str} from "Jet/helpers"
    const url = parse(app.getRouter().get())
    webix.extend(url[0].params, { lang:'en' }, true)
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