Webix Jet - Promises doesn't work with classes


I've this class:

export default class SomeView extends JetView {
return webix.ajax("/").then(_ => ({template: "Hello"}));

And the view doesn´t render :(.

This works if I do

export default webix.ajax("/").then(_ => ({template: "Hello"}));

Someone knows why it doesn't work?



  • you need to return a class in promise

    export default webix.ajax("/").then(_ => (class SomeView extends JetView {...}}));
  • edited November 2017

    The problem is when I do an export default class, not when I do a export default .

    When I return a promise, the code works OK

  • Same problem for me. Any solution?

  • Webix Jet was updated to version 1.1
    Now it possible to return promise from the config method.

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