How to enable a button automatically when fields in a window are validated ?


I have window with a text field and a 'Submit' button.

I want the 'Submit' button to be enabled when the text field has some value.
And the window should display a message that 'name' field should not remain empty while submitting.

I have made the button disabled work , but the enable is not working yet.

Snippet is here



  • Thanks intregal.

    It is working.
    However, I am getting a webix message as 'Validation works only for fields with name" . Not sure how can I remove this message. Because it is just an example I have given here as 'Name' field. Actually it could be some 'country' field.

    Also is it possible to show colored text message in the window ?
    I have been able to show the message as $$('messageFieldId').setValue("Some message'). But not able to put a color in it to make it more visible.

    Thanks again.

  • the best way is setting the name of element. but if you are sure that you do not need a name, then you can use a fake name in elementsConfig

        elementsConfig:{..., name:"$fake"}
  • edited November 2017

    Thanks integral. It is working.

    I am sorry to ask one more question. Lets say if the name typed in the text box matches a particular string (for example 'hello') then also the 'Submit' button would become disabled with a footnote message that name provided is not allowed.

    I tried with 'rules' but not quite able to achieve it. Any demonstration would be great.
    Can this be done ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks a lot. It works awesome.

  • @integral,

    1. how to specify both 'key' and 'blur' in validateEvent?
    2. i changed Your snippet by adding required form field: How to enable submit only if both required fields are not empy?
  • @integral,

    Submit button is being enabled, but check how field values behave.
    I tried simpler version , but got same results.

  • the best way is setting the name of element.

    It is, but please note that name is a key in the hash of values in form, and only one input (i.e. value/rule) can be linked to a particular name.

    both 'key' and 'blur' in validateEvent?

    @keson instead of double validateEvent it is possible to call validate from the corresponding events: onChange (instead of onBlur) and onTimedKeyPress (or onKeyPress)

    if both required fields are not empy?

    onValidationSuccess fires if the entire form is valid

  • @Listopad,

    yep, it's done in snippet from 4th december, but i can't figure out why field values behave so strange.

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