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Hi. I'm looping thru a table and i'm trying to compile a list that i can send of to an servlet.
How do i create a list as a var that i can add to.
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    why not to serialize the table?
    var data = table.serialize();

  • Hi, Thanks. The data in the table is a result of a pivot query. I created a function that on button click will loop thru the table and gather data in a set order. I need to add this data to a var "list" that i can send back to the server.
    var data = {fullname:"", sdate:"", acode:""}
    I need to append or add data to this list. I have the loop and everything setup. Just need to know what is the correct way of adding data to the var data.

  • @zaaimanm serialize will return the actual dataset.
    But if you intend to change some attributes beforehand or decide whether to add item to the "list" array or not, use iterator.

  • Thank you, will try

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