Google Maps Widget on Mobile Yet

Hi all,
I can't swipe, pan and whatever on my Android and IOS app, map seems static. I can use map zoom buttons only.
Please help



  • On the latest version of Webix I can't reproduce the issue (at least in the basic demos/tests).
    Can you please provide more info, i.e. browser, OS/Webix version?

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    Hi Listopad,
    I put the map into a multiview

            cells: [{
              id: "x_view_posizione",
              key: "AIzaSyAxErwj8d1QjC4wtUSCSmdyEZ9YjPhWlDY",
              src: "",
              view: "google-map",
              zoom: 6,

    maybe is this the problem?

    it is an cordova app (Android/iOS) latest Webix

    webix.Touch().limit() does not help

  • With multiview/tabview it works as well.
    Can you please test the following demo and the same config locally and confirm that it works/doesn't work on the same OS and browser?

    Fullscreen demo at

  • Listopad thank you for your response, I put the code you suggested me into my cordova app but it still does not work, the swipe action on map acts like zoom + or - (very strange).

    Anyway I have short time to develop this app so decided to use a dedicated google-maps plugin for phonegap/cordova

    Thank you very much

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