Panel with fullscreen, minimize,maximize,collapsible

Hi Webix team,

How to add minimize,maximize,full-screen button to panel. Also the panels should be movable and adjustable within browser window.
After minimizing I want the icon at the bottom of window.

Thanks in advance.


  • A basic sample will look as follows: 
    While hide/show handlers are quite easy, switching to the fullscreen mode affects also move and resize features.

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    Hi Listopad,

    I am not using the window. I am using view:"panel".
    I am not able to see minimize,maximize icons.
    Also is it possible for panel to close,minimize,maximize,collapse?

  • Is there any document for view:"panel".
    so that I can use the events for it.

  • Hi webix team please reply me.

    I am stuck on it.

  • There is no fullsize | maximize | minimize options for the panel.

    The Panel just a simple wrapper around a widget which allows rendering extra header/action-areas around the widget ( similar to wrapping a widget in the layout )

    Is there any document for view:"panel"

    We will update doc in next few hours, somehow it was not published to the site.

  • API of the ui.panel was recently added.

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