Datatable only displays 8 rows

Hi! So I'm working with a free trial of Webix and attempting to display a large dataset (roughly two million records). Based on the demo at, it should be able to do this without any issues. However, my datatable is only displaying eight rows of data at any given time with the rest of the rows completely blank- these appear to be taken randomly from the last 20 rows in the dataset passed in. The autoheight property is set to false, but the issue occurs whether I have a hard-coded height and using yCount to set height. Here is my code:

        columns: columns,
        data: {
            data: rows,
            total_count: 50000
        yCount: 10,
        height: 400,

The data being passed in is a randomly generated set of 50,000 rows of data. The only properties being set on the columns are id and header.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Thank you!


  • I figured out the issue- this was an automatically generated set of 8 nearly identical rows of data, except for an ID column. Webix was collapsing the duplicates; adding data using parse() instead of passing it in directly got around the issue.

  • Webix was collapsing the duplicates

    Can you please provide a sample of problematic dataset?

    The only requirement for the data is a unique ID for all data items, because all interactions with the data are based the IDs. Otherwise, the dataset will be mishandled.
    If there are no IDs in the data, they will be added automatically based on the timestamp.

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