Is Webix Slow?

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I am evaluating Webix and that is why I have downloaded the pro version. At the same time, I am evaluating some other competitor framework. What I am doing is to parse a text file into a datatable. The data file has around 2,000 records with a total size of 1.6 MB (17 columns). The data is in JSON format. The datatable will load the data from a web service running on my local machine (So, not directly as a file). Here is my feedback:
1) To display the results, Webix needs 6s while the other framework needs only 2.5s
2) It gets even worse if I include the following function in Webix (my goal is to manipulate one column on the fly):

onAfterLoad: function () {
                        /* dtable.eachRow(
                            function (row) {
                                dtable.getItem(row).engineId = dtable.getItem(row).engineId
                        dtable.refresh(); */

I have a similar code in the other framework and the increase is negligible.
3) I have enable subrow in my datatable to display a few additional text:
subrow: "< div style='text-align: left;'>< ul>< li>Motor ID: #motorId#</li>< li>Request: #request#</li>< li>User Location: #location#</li></ul></div>",

and when I click on the plus sign to expand the row, I need to wait maybe like 0.5 - 1 s to get that detail row opened. In the other framework, it is instantaneous.

Am I doing something wrong? I am just following the basics and there is nothing complicated in my code.



  • Please check the next snippet -
    It shows the same amount of data and rendering time is about 40ms

    What can cause huge rendering time in your case:

    • time for loading data from server side can differ based on server side latency
    • using extra options ( such as adjust:true ) for the datatable
    • using autoheight for the datatable which results in rendering the whole table and not the visible cells only
  • You are right... It was because of "autoheight" & "autowidth". Once I removed these two, the problem was gone. Thanks for the advice.

    Note: Server latency cannot be related here as I mentioned that I am using the same server for testing both libraries. So, it is an apple-to-apple case. But now we know the reason.


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