Datatable editable cell values are disappearing if template function is used.

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I notice that in my datatable if one cell under a particular column is getting the value from template function, then if I edit and put some text, it disappears.

Again, when I click on the cell, I see the edited value , otherwise it just shows the earlier value only.

What is the solution for this to display the newly typed value?

My snippet is here :

Please look into the last 'name' column under parent column 'Place' and try to type something in those cells holding value as 'dummy name'.

Note: It is only happening if I use template function, not for other editable cells.



  • Thanks, it works.

  • Hi integral,

    There is a small problem. Let's say if I want to edit the existing value 'dummy name' to 'dummy name bla bla bla' , then also the moment I click on the cell the existing value is disappearing. Then how will I know at the time of editing that which value I am changing ?

    This is not happening if I just use a normal editable cell without the template function.


  • template returns not the value itself, but representation you want to show.
    if you need the field to have default value, then you can use scheme->$init

  • Hi intregal,

    In your snippet you have hard coded the value as 'dummy name' in scheme:$init. Let's say if the default value I am getting from the 'obj' parameter of my show_values function, in that case how can I set that in $init ?
    I have changed my snippet a bit as both columns under 'Place' is now editable and the cells under them have values both from obj and hardcoded together.

    So just consider I always get the values from 'obj' of show_values tmeplate function, how can I achieve that as default value in $init while first loading the table?


    (your $init is kept as commented out in the above snippet)


    Note: Earlier, I just posted a simpler version of the problem without knowing that it may get this much complex.

  • Hi intregal,

    Thanks as always for your help.
    I tried that way but might have made some mistakes hence it was not coming. My bad. Thanks once again.

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    Hi intregal,

    I am facing a weird problem which I am explaining step by step:

    1. Let's say id5 in one of the cells initially contains "good" (fetched from the database).
    2. I click on it, change 'good' to 'good morning'. Remove control from the cell and it now shows 'good morning' as expected.

    3. I save that data from the datatable into the database. (This I can not show here).

    4. Next time I load the page and id5 again contains "good" only whereas I expect to see 'good morning' as it got saved properly in step #3.

    Is this possible ? Because the 'row' object in $init should every time fetch the
    newest value on page load.
    As per my understanding of the doc, the $init works on loading and also while reloading the data for new Datastore. Please correct me if I have misunderstood anything.


  • Hi intregal,

    Please ignore the above post, I found what was going wrong.


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