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In this snippet when I am moving the portlets inside Data Browser dashboard inside structure is getting disturb. Portlets are getting hide. Also when I am scrolling the view datatable it showsis whole datatable as a tooltip(In this snippet there is no scroll to datatable).I do not want that datatable as a tooltip.

Mira Karale


  • Hi,

    The structure which you are using in the snippet is a bit strange. Why do you defining "data browser" as a portlet? If you want just to reorder content inside of "Data Browser" you can define the content cells as portlets and use a common layout as a top-level view for portlets.


  • edited December 2017

    Thanks maksim..

    If I want to make like this https://webix.com/snippet/b167c5e8

    In this snippet I want Collapse(collapse icon as well),Minimize,maximize,close functionalities.

    If I am collapsing,minimizing the panel, other panels should get Adjust.

  • Please beware that webix provides two different widgets - window and dashboard. 
    The dashboard is just a placement layout and it doesn't provide any window like functionality.

    As for your requirements, the panel doesn't have concept of minimize-maximize
    It possible to change the size of the panel, and it possible to force readjust of the dashboard, which will shift items to prevent empty lines or overflows.

    Also, if you need not the reordering functionality, you can use the common layout instead, which already has collapsible sections and which will automatically fill the empty space when the size of some area changes. 

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