Syncing 2 different Jetviews from the same DataCollection

Is it possible to sync 2 Jetviews (1 dataview and 1 datatable) sharing the same DataCollection?


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    Hi David,

    Yep, you can sync two views to the same Data Collection. You can define this collection in models:

    export const data = new webix.DataCollection({...});

    And use in views:

    import {data} from "models/data";
    export default class DataView extends JetView{
            return {

    And the same logic for DatatableView.

  • Ok thank you, this is exactly what I tried and it doesn't work, which means I probably missed something... somewhere... I'll double-check my code!

    Thank you by the way, at least I know I'm on the right track.

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    Here is what I did.

    The model:

    // models/applications
    export const dataApplications = new webix.DataCollection({
        url: "/applications",
        save: "rest->/applications"

    The view
    (here, it's a workspace that displays a list of applications. When you click on an app, it opens the corresponding app in its own window) :

    // views/workspace
    import { JetView } from "webix-jet";
    import { dataApplications } from "models/applications";
    export default class ViewWorkspace extends JetView {
        config() {
            return {
                type: "clean",
                rows: [{
                        view: "template",
                        template: "Your company name",
                        css: "workspace-header",
                        minHeight: 50,
                        gravity: 1
                        view: "resizer"
                        view: "dataview",
                        id: "workspace-apps",
                        type: "clean",
                        gravity: 3,
                        type: {
                            css: 'workspace-app',
                            height: 300,
                            width: 300
                            "<table>" +
                            "<tr><th>#name#</th></tr>" +
                            "<tr><td>Description: #description#</td></tr>" +
                        data: dataApplications,
                        click: (id) => {
                  '/workspace/app?id=' + id)
        init(view, url) {

    In another view, the DataCollection 'dataApplications' is modified: I can add / remove records from there, but when I come back to the workspace view, the data remains unchanged (not synced).

    Maybe it's just a bug with JetViews syncing process?

  • Just in case, I've also tried other syntaxes, without success:

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    Try removing the data: dataApplications line from the dataview configuration.

    And in the init code use either of the following lines:

    //access dataview by id
    //or by its position in hierarhy, as 'view' is the top view returned by config()
  • Thank you Olga for your prompt reply.
    I've just tried => same result, no sync :-(

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    I can add / remove records from there

    By the way, do you add and remove your records from the related view, or from the Data Collection?

    The correct way is to perform add/remove operations on the master collection while synced views will reflect these changes automatically. Slave views can only update the master.

  • I was adding/removing from the related view, because I thought that using the "sync" method, the view would pass the calls to add/update/remove to the DataCollection.

    Now everything is clear and works fine. Thanks you!!!

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