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Hi all,
swiping on datatable (server-side loading) in a cordova app is very slow and lagging. Besides prerender=true is there a way to make it more fluid?
If I use pager + prerender it becomes fluid but I don't like pager and like continuos scroll.

With continuos scroll prerender makes swipe impossible.

And Is there a way to use horizontal swiping to move between multiview pages?

I'm a cordova developer on Android and IOS and the swiping should be my best effort on apps.

Hope I should not integrate a third part library.

I'm using a licensed Webix Pro (5.1.0), any suggestion?



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    do not know a "proper" way, but found a solution in rewriting webix.html.preventEvent method and disabling it for all touch events:

    if (webix.env.touch) {
        var originalPreventEvent = webix.html.preventEvent;
        webix.html.preventEvent = function(e) {
            if (e.type.startsWith("touch")) return;
            return originalPreventEvent.apply(this, arguments);

    actually it was not for datatable, but related to the same problem with touch scrolling.

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