Learning Webix posibilities

Hi dear Webix team.

Our project currently examines the possibility of buying webix. We'd like to clarify a couple of questions.

  1. How does webix behave in high-load environment? With ~ 10 000 connections for example?

  2. Is there any component for report printing forms? Briefly FastReport analogue. We have a pattern stored in database and we need to populate it with values taken from selected row in data table.

Thanks in advance.


  • (1) Webix is a client-side library so the code itself is not affected by a number of app users. Components do not require any special server side, nor they store any state on a server side, so app must scale relative easy.

  • (2) Do you mean a complex component which can be used to configure reports by the end user, or just a way to show already configured reports?

    In the second case, it can be done with common Webix widgets, based on the report configuration you can emit the necessary UI ( layouts, grids, etc ) and bind them to data sources. As the configuration of UI is a JSON object, it is quite easy to make a dynamic UI which can be reconfigured on the fly.

  • Hi maksim, thank you very much for your reply.

    Yes, I've meant second case. Something similar to this:


    Admin for example creates predefined report template for certain grid, and end-users must be able to print document generated using predefined pattern what will be populated with values taken from currently selected row.

    I hope I'm not boring you. Thanks.

  • Admin for example creates predefined report template for certain grid

    While it is possible to create such interface with Webix UI it may be an overkill. A good templating engine will work much better here.

    As for Webix, you can use grid-layout or dashboard for admin's interface, which allows constructing "report" by drag-n-drop. And later serialize dashboard state and save it in DB.
    In user's interface. you can load the serialized config, which will produce the same UI as it was designed by the admin user.

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