Hello again! Please tell me how I can change the language displayed in the open-map?



  • Hi, @intregal! Thanks for the help! Happy New year!

  • I was not able to OpenStreet Map to change the localization. Could You tell me more... My map object looks like this:
    var map = {
    view: "open-map",
    id: "map",
    zoom: 15,
    center: [51.505, -0.09]

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    I'm sorry. unfortunately, my solution is for google-map (I''ve never tried OpenStreetMap before). after a little research I found that OpenStreetMap implementation is a bit different.
    open-map uses leaflet.js for rendering, and neither in leaflet docs nor code I found i18n api.
    you need to find map layer server in required language and use it as map layer in config.

  • Hello! I understand You, thanks for the help! I will look for a solution! Maybe the Webix team some answers about this.

  • @Evgeniy unfortunately, we are not familiar with the full API of OSM.

    As far as I can see and guess, the most comprehensive explanation is here.

    So from the Webix side, the task reduces to providing a link to some tiles server which will return the needed content.

    In our integration, the link to the tile server is located at the layer property:

        center:[ 51.505, -0.09 ],
        layer:"http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png" // default 
  • Thank you very much! Understood, I will try.

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