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Dear Webix Team,

I want to create a window that contain active content.
For example i have multiview to display datatable content.
All multiview content will display in a window that can be browse. So anything that display in multiview content will be displayed in window browser.

My Question is it possible to copy same content that appear in multiview content into window with same ID ?
Is there any method to create window browser tab to browse all multiview content like windows + tab shortcut in windows operating system ?



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    Please, could you clarify your use-case?
    Here is an example of a multiview with a tabbar in a window:
    With hotkeys, it is more difficult because the "tab" key is used by the library for navigating between views.
    However, you can navigate between multiview tabs by pressing arrow keys, which is enabled by default.

  • is it possible to copy same content that appears in multiview content into window with the same ID

    You can't "copy" but you can "move" the UI ( which means you can move content from multiview to window )

    If you need to show the same UI at multiple places at once - check Webix Jet framework, it solves such use-case

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