Lazy loading for webix scrollview

Is there any way to achieve lazy loading for Webix Scrollview. I mean, while scrolling, the next scroll item elements/content loaded then only unlike loading all the content at first.


  • Hello,
    For your case, you can make use of Webix dynamic loading.
    Currently dynamic loading for data is implemented for the following components: DataTable, TreeTable and DataView. Dynamic loading means loading data on request. Initially, data fills the view to some extent and later on it is dynamically loaded each time you scroll up and down the view.

    Additionally, ScrollView is used as a scrolling container. Like any container (in other words, layout), this component does not imply dynamic loading of UI elements

  • Oncoming Webix 5.2 will allow to use dynamic loading for List component as well.

  • Hi Maksim,

    can you help, How to add/load a view dynamically into ScrollView?

    Please have to look to my question posted in forum.

  • edited October 2018

    The solution provided in the related discussion which is described above.

    Also, I need to remind that scrollview is used as a scrolling container. Only widgets have dynamic loading. Please check the information here

    Just set the dynamic:true property for the List widget to enable dynamic loading

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