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When I import a basic Excel document into the Spreadsheet component demo found at https://docs.webix.com/samples/65_spreadsheet/01_basic/03_math.html it imports ok.

But as soon as I import an Excel file with more than multiple formulas in it, like "=SUM(A1:A5)", some formulas import but most do not.

Also, most of the formatting (like background color of cells) gets lost on import.

Is this a known issue or could I be doing something wrong?

I have not purchased the component yet and therefore not purchased support either, but I'm just playing with the demo and ran into this challenge that is making me concerned of purchasing the Spreadsheet component.


  • Hello,

    We have managed to replicate the issue with formulas, thank you for reporting. We are going to fix it in the nearest time and release the fix with the next 5.2 update of Webix.

    As to formatting, we depend on a third-party library for parsing Excel data, and it sometimes fails to retrieve some non-basic colors.

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    Thank you for the feedback Helga.

    I realize you might not be able to give a date or estimate for when 5.2 is released, but if you can give a rough estimate, are we talking days or weeks?

  • The 5.2 release is scheduled for the end of February.

  • Hi, I found a potential bug on excel file import . the value of the formula in the cells is not consecutive.
    I have row 14: =K14/B14, row 15: =K15/B15, row 16: =K17/B77, row 17: =K18/B78 ...
    The original excel sheet is correct: row 14: =K14/B14, row 15: =K15/B15, row 16: =K16/B16, row 17: =K17/B17....

    Any suggestion ? The excel file is an .xlsx produced by excel 16.22 for Mac Osx.


  • I am using version 5.3.0 of spreadsheet

  • Hello @maxdod

    Unfortunately, we were not able to repeat this issue on both latest and 5.3 versions.
    Could you please confirm that this behaviour persists on the latest Spreadsheet version - for example, in the following demo?

    And, if it is possible, we will appreciate an example of the dataset which will illustrate the problem.

  • Yes I used exactly that demo to reproduce the problem. The strange behaviour is that only a column is affected by the problem, the other work fine. This is worste because in a large spreadsheet you could have an error and you could not find it (i could attach the xlsx file but i do not know how to do)

  • i could attach the xlsx file but i do not know how to do

    I would ask you to send it to the support@webix.com or share it via PM here.

    We have tested several Excel files with consecutive formulas in columns/rows ( here's an example of data from imported .xlsx - https://snippet.webix.com/sdi3zkup ), but according to these tests, the formulas are parsed correctly.

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