How to filter the data in combo

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Hi webix Team

How to filter the name object(synonyms values in below snippet) in the combo??

plz follow the below snippet

thanks in advance



  • Hi webix Team

    solution solved for above requirement, Plz follow the below snippet

  • In these if we select the list directly its not allowing

  • Please check the next snippet

    Your original code was mostly correct you just have missed the line which returns check result

    if (res.length) return true;
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    Hi maksim

    Thats right but here our requirement is, here two data names is there, once if we filter like (wk) means it want show only wk, then after selection that, wk want to allow into textbox

    please follow the below snippet

    Thanks in advance

  • Sorry, it is still unclear
    If you need to filter by multiple fields you can combine them into a single search string, like next

  • If you need to update the list of synonyms on the fly, your original code already do it

    If you need to select different text in the combo based on what was typed in the fitler ( main keywork or synonyms ) you need to update filter function and for each filtering operation mark by which key item was filtered. You existing code seem does noting


    as indexOf("") will be always zero. You need to compare typed text with df first and with vf after that.

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