How to refresh a tree node on context menu click event

Hello Guys,

i want to clear a tree node and reload it again on context menu click .please check this snippet



  • @webix team any update?

  • edited January 2018

    To delete a node (parent or child) you should use the remove method and specify the id of the required node there:

    tree = webix.ui({ view:"tree",... });
    var nodeId = tree.getSelectedId();

    And you can use clearAll and parse to reload it

  • @Nastja thank you for your reply but my requirement is to reload the specific node on context menu click event

  • @qadirkanore can you please clarify, do you intend to reload the branch (child nodes) or just the specific node where the context option is clicked?

  • loadBranch is intended for one-time branch loading, so in order to reload it again, you need to use a custom ajax request

    As for updating one item, if your backend is tuned for returning one record, you can make a custom request and updateItem with the new data:

         var update = data.json();
         tree.updateItem(nodeId, update);
  • @Listopad i want to reload the child of the node.Thanks a lot for the snippet it helped me to fix my issue

  • Hi,
    How do I refresh a node if I am using the 'url' property to let the Tree component handle Dynamic loading of each child, as per
    I have tried using $$("MyTree").Refresh( but this does not do anything!

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