How to resolve the #ket_name# in typescrit or javascript for datatable and dataview

Webix datatable and dataview is giving #key_name# as the value to its rows when we use it with template property, and the typescript not able to resolve where as html is able to. How do I resolve the expression #key_name" in my typescrit or javascript file.


  • Instead of string templates you can use a lambda function

    { id:"some", template:"- #some#" }

    can be changed like next

    { id:"some", template: obj:any => "- "+obj.some }

    Where obj is the same object as was loaded during data loading. You can use any or set a specific type if it is available.

  • Hi, thanks for the response.
    I am doing an angular4 project where I am able render the component, but not able to utilize the data binding. the problem is I take the value provided by data view and calculate another value and bind it. but the value from dataview is coming like #data# so not able to access the real interpolated value.

    Is there a way to tell webix to interploate the value coming as #data# in my javascript code. I don't want to use functional template as my requirement is placing other custom components.can you please look into this issue, thanks

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