Hotkey on Datatables and Property Sheets

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I want to be able to set the Focus by Hotkeys to get Access to search fields of Datatable, also to enter Property Sheets editors.

How can i do this, as there have no direct "id" to access from outside.
On the other hand i would like to find out wich field actually has focus,
but in this sample i only get the datatable object. How can i find out wich Search Field i.e. cursor is in?

webix.UIManager.addHotKey("Ctrl+V", function() { 
    console.log( webix.UIManager.getFocus() );

And: is there support for Function Keys as written in 2014 ?

best regards,


  • Hello Chris,

    To focus search fields of a datatable, you can get to the necessary field by column id with the getFilter() method and then call its focus() method. This is true for both HTML elements and Webix controls:

    To find out which field actially has focus, you can iterate datatable columns and apply either logic depending on the filter type:

    To enter property sheet editors, please locate the focused item and pass its id to the edit() method. Check the following snippet:

    As to the function key hotkeys, unfortunately, they have not been implemented.

  • Thank you.

    As to the function key hotkeys, unfortunately, they have not been implemented.

    Can you suggest a workaround for this?

  • Hello, I really need a way to get Function-Key events.

    It works with the "onKeyPress" Events, but that event needs to be bound to single webix controls as it seems.

    Any workaround for Hotkey with Function-Keys?

    Thx, Chris

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