html code in datatbale cell

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Hi all, how can I visualize a string like the following one in a datatable cell?

"<code xmlns="""">1234</Code><time xmlns="""">2018-01-10T00:30:12</date><datum xmlns="""">2018-01-10T00:37:08</end>"


  • the original message was truncated because of some tags in it.
    So how can I use strings with tags in it (like <, >, etc...)?

  • Hello!
    In such case you can add an exclamation mark ! after the opening #:

      template: "My #data#" // will output data as HTML content 
      template: "My #!data#" // will output data as Text content 

    Information about the ways of presenting data inside the component is here

    Here is an example:

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