xAxis of line Chart

Hello Friends,

I want to set x axis of my graph to 'start step' pattern like in yAxis bu it didnt work: https://webix.com/snippet/bd8079df

Also Is that possible to show some of the xAxis values. Be cause in myReports i got dozens of value and xAxis labels cant read.

Thanks in advance.



  • Hello @acihank

    Please note that start and step in xAxis are supported only for horizontal charts, where x/yAxis config are actually altered.

    The basic xAxis has a template which can be set as a function which can return a label depending on some conditions (therefore, you can implement a custom analogue of step).

    For example, if the label's value (integer number) is aliquot to 10:

        template:function(obj){        // obj is the current data item
          return (obj.xValue%10?"":obj.xValue)
  • @Listopad thank you so much you save me again..

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