Drag&Drop animation not working inside pivot popup if using zIndex

Hi there guys!
It seems like I've bumped into a problem described in title. For example:

            data: data,
            view: 'pivot',
            container: 'testA',
            id: 'pivot',
            popup: {
                zIndex: 251,

This code results in no animation when dragging fields from fields section to filters / columns / rows / values sections (the dragged element should stick to cursor, but it is not visible instead).
Thank you!


  • Now I guess I understand the problem. It happens for all pivot popup child elements:
    - webix_pivot_drag_zone
    - webix_point_top
    - webix_pivot_popup (the one with data operations)

    Looks like pivot popup child elements get their z-index calculated NOT in relation to the pivot popup z-index

  • Hello,

    Basically, z-index of both window and DnD markers are based on webix.ui.zIndexBase and increase on every show().
    zIndexBase has an initial value (100) and isn't related to constant custom z-index, so default calculation fails in such case. 
    As a solution, you can set a constant z-index to the drag markers (via CSS) according to the same parameter of your window.
    Please, check the following sample: https://webix.com/snippet/c09c9ef2

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