custom component works with ONLY webix_debug.js

Hi, I found a really strange problem and wish someone could help me, thx.

I copy the source of 'textarea' component and just change it's name, but this got an error "Uncaught TypeError: common._baseInputHTML is not a function".

After a lot of attempt, I found if I use webix_debug.js instead of webix.js, it will works fine ( on 5.1.7 pro).

So what should I do to make it works with webix.js?


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    You should use only public API for creating custom components. Methods and properties starting from _ are considered private and are obfuscated in webix.js.

    Normally, customizations can be achieved with public API. If you face any difficulties, please share your code and requirements.

  • Thanks for you reply :)
    I need to add a help button with custom event inside some components.

    Although public API is enough to create a new components, but I think expand provided components with little change and extra logic is more simple.

    Maybe use webix_debug.js directly is better for me :P

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    It's quite a dangerous path so far )

    Webix team do not ensure backward compatibility of private API. Such methods and properties can be changed, renamed or removed if it's required by inner logic. It doesn't happen often, but still there is a possibility.

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