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Hi I use a Kanban Column with an header template to work with custom headers and context menu inside. The status has unique name and the header contain the description. How I can now access the description, I thin header.text to compare?
I think my function with:

strHeader = $$("myBoard").getChildViews()[i]

worked before but since I change now to template it is not working anymore. In case of the template? Maybe I'am totally wrong?


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    strHeader = $$("myBoard").getChildViews()[i] returns headerlayout1 Iam confused.

  • Please check

    When you are providing structure like

          body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"test" }

    there will be a accordionitem with content inside. "header" is not a separate view.
    To have a separate template view you need to use something like

            { type:"header", template:"Testing" }, 
            { view:"kanbanlist", status:"test" }

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