Remove a Kanban status

I try to remove a Kanban status with different ways but it do not work.
My last try:

Also fail. What I do wrong?


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    Also tried:

    var inStatus = $$("lineContext")._item_id;

    No success.

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    $$("myBoard").removeView(; //$kanbanlist8

    Also do not work. Slowly I think this function has a bug?

  • Solved. For those who run into the same trouble. The magic issue is to put the ID near to "clean" not to "kanbanlist". The wording is sometimes confusing.

  • When you are adding a new element to layout, you actually are adding a layout with two cells, one of which is a kanbanlist. So, when removing UI you need use ID of the topmost added element, not ID of the kanbanlist.

    kanban.addView({ id:"top", cols:[ { id:"list", view:"kanbanlist"}] })
    kanban.removeView("top") // correct
    kanban.removeView("list") // incorrect 
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