BUG Report: in 5.2.2 Dialog disabled

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previously I was using Version 5.1.7 which was fine. Today I tried 5.2.2.
Now in my Dialog (view : "window") all elements are disabled.

After checking the webix_debug.s file, I noticed the lines:

if(window.getComputedStyle) this._disabled_view_pos = window.getComputedStyle (this._viewobj, null).getPropertyValue("position"); if (this._disabled_view_pos != "absolute") this._viewobj.style.position = "relative";

in the disable() Method starting at Line 5053 are missing in 5.2.2. This causes the Problem.
Could you please check.



  • Be sure to update both js and CSS file. A similar issue can occur if you have updated JS file but have forgotten to update the CSS file.

  • Thanks. That did the trick.

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