kanban: onAfterStatusChange bug

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Good morning,
I downloaded the webix trial and I'm testing the Kanban component.

For my test I opened the 03_drag_n_drop_events.html file.

First of all, there is an discrepancy between the documentation and the examples.
In the documentation the procedure for attaching events is:

$$("myBoard").attachEvent("onAfterStatusChange:", function(...){

But on your samples is:

on: {
onAfterStatusChange:: myFunction

Apart from that, I tried to implement the "onAfterStatusChange" event, by attaching the following function to the event:

function statusChange(itemId, newStatus) {

Unfortunately the item's status is updated after the method is called, so the method is always showing the OLD status instead the new one.

Can you please check?

This is very important for my tests, with a bug like this I will not be able to use your library.


  • Hello,

    Yep, it's a known bug and it is already fixed in the dev build. If you are interested in trying the fixed package, please email to support@webix.com and reference this discussion.

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    there is an discrepancy between the documentation and the examples.

    By the way, these are two valid ways of attaching event handlers, which can be done

    • either using the attachEvent method after view initialization,
    • or by providing the on setting to the view before its initialization.

    For more information, please check this documentation article.

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