onListAfterDrop not working?

With OnListBeforeDrop everything is fine, but onListAfterDrop is not fired on my board. Any idea?

$$("myBoard").attachEvent("onListAfterDrop", function(context,ev,list){


Is working like a charm:

 $$("myBoard").attachEvent("onListAfterDrop", function(context,ev,list){



  • Hello I have the same issue.
    kanban event onListAfterDrop is not fired

    all other events seem to work fine

  • I really do not understand why those things are not in automatic tests for deployments...however, again I solved it myself...not really professional service.

    Take the Kanban.js from Kanban/codebase folder and copy
    after onListDragOut
    After this the event is available. Have not checked in all ways but console shows the event.

  • Hi,

    Indeed, it was somehow missed by the tests. Thank you for reporting, we will fix it in the nearest build.

  • actually the declaration is just missing in kanban.js. If you do not want to wait, do like me :
    you look for onListBeforeDrop and add onListAfterDrop definition similarly. I supposed events point on "generic" code in webix.js and that work straight.
    That's a hack but it works :-))

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