Kanban magic data

When I use the Kanban Board I recognize that I cannot fix an card in the list. I thought that this is not really a problem. So I tried out:

OnListBeforeDrop Event:
I analysed the data structure there and I found out that list.Qc holds the item where the drop operation happen. But this value is magic.
When I use the code in the same order:

1.) console.log(list);
2.) var zItemId = list.Qc;
3.) console.log(zItemId);

4.) var checkItem = this.getItem(zItemId); //<---Ziel Drop
5.) console.log(checkItem);
6.) console.log(list);

1 = list.Qc = "1521387291291"
3 = zItemId = "1521387291277"
5 = zItemId.id = "1521387291277"
6= list.Qc = "1521387291291"

1521387291291 ist the item I expected. I also found out that I freeze the Drag/Drop for one second over the item, zItemId will be the expected "1521387291291".
How the data object can hold an information that is not valid and how the object can give another value back.

Can you please explain this or give me an hint how to better find out the item where the drop happens on?


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    how to better find out the item where the drop happens on?

    You can get this information from context object of the onListBeforeDop/onListAfterDrop events:

        onListBeforeDrop:  function(context, ev, list){


    As to the list.Qc; property, we recommend including webix_debug.js on dev stage to read the non-minified properties. Moreover, the minified names (like this Qc) may differ from version to version, so you should not rely on them.

  • Ok, thanks your for this information

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