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I want a solution for spreadsheet copy paste in which if I am pasting a huge data on spreadsheet only first 20 columns should be seen, on button click event next 20 columns should be visible.


  • The copy-paste logic of Webix Spreadsheet matches the conventional pattern of all spreadsheet tools. But could you please clarify, do you need to paste data in different sheets or just scroll to the particular columns on button click?

  • We want to paste the data in only one sheet. But when I paste thousands of data, it is getting hanged. So in order to avoid this issue on paste event will need to show only 20 columns initially and later on any button click
    (like next button) we want to show the next 20 spreadsheet columns likewise.

  • Spreadsheet already renders visible columns only, so adding a paging will not improve the performance. We can try to tweak pasting performance instead.

    But when I paste thousands of data

    Can you share exact dimension of data ( how many rows and columns of data is pasted )

  • We tried to paste 18k of columns. So on paste event only it got hanged.

  • We have tested the performance of copy-paste processing code and there are no major performance issues there. Most probably performance degradation caused by using some custom event handlers.

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