How to select (focus) row/cell of the webix datatable, so you can move the arrows on the rows/cells?

There is such here a code - webix datatable and button When you click on the button, we select the first cell or row (the essence is not important, the cell is set to select: "cell" for the row - select: "row") in the table, but it is not possible to move up/down arrows. At the same time, if you click the mouse in the cell, it is possible to move the arrow keys

The question is how to implement the selection of a table cell/row so that you can scroll (move) through the table cells/rows using the up/down arrows


  • just add webix.UIManager.setFocus("myList");

  • Thank you very much!

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    This has already been answered, which suggests that,

    1. Setting focus on Datatable rows should be clearly documented.
    2. It's confusing to developers that Datatable doesn't have a .focus() method. Why doesn't it?
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    Now visible focus and logical focus (UIManager) are separated.

    For controls and their containers (Form, Toolbar) we have the .focus() method that applies the real focus and hence, triggers UIManager logic. Data widgets and Calendar/Colorboard use selection to mark visual focus, but they do not work with UIManager - so we will consider to provide such a method.

    As for the docs, yep, we see your comments and will update the mentioned articles accordingly.

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