numberFormat doesn't work for text editor in property view

Tried different approaches but ended with my own editor, extended from webix.editors.text

  • format: webix.i18n.numberFormat - when you put number with comma as decimal point it format field without decimal part. 1,25 becomes 1,00 [or 1.00 - depends on locale], my locale is pl-PL so we have comma using numeric Keypad on the keyboard
  • numberFormat: "1 111,00" - doesn't work totally
  • myOwnEditor - it's HTML5 number type - doesn't format anything
  • myOwnEditor + format: webix.i18n.numberFormat - works OK

Should it be like that?
According to:
numberFormat:"1'111.00" should format text editor.


  • Hello @Jacekk015 ,

    numberFormat: "1 111,00" - doesn't work totally

    Unfortunately, property view doesn't support such functionality

    As a solution, you can use datatable view and write a conditional template
    or create a format by your own self (custom formatting)
    Information about format is here.

    Here is an example how works numberFormat in datatable:

    Another example of how we can use format:

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    I've ended in custom function which parse value using current locale:

    The problem is that when you set in editor object
    format: webix.i18n.numberFormat
    value isn't parsed.
    webix.i18n.numberFormat looks like it's prepared for JSON only and there you always have a dot.
    User input always need to be parsed, that's why webix.i18n.numberFormat isn't enough.
    So my function firstly parses value to ~JSON number and then back to locale number.


    Switched back to custom editor. Looks and feels nicer, and it's global through whole Webix app. Works with locale, even cuts value to locales decimalSize.
    Only drawback is, that when you will get the value and try to send it to your backend you will probably need to parse it to float using webix.Number.parse again.

  • Hi @Nastja

    "Here is an example how works numberFormat in datatable:"

    This not running on webix 5.4.2 pro webix.js file ( running well with debug file)

    and not running at all with 5.2.3 pro versions ( debug or not )

    "format" method run well

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