Chart Big data

If i have a very huge data to put into a chart there is a way to load the data and have a scroll bar for the x axsis and keeping the legend and the y axis always visible?

here the example:



  • here another example with huge data the chart is very slow. How i can solve the problem?

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    you can try to use css padding

            padding: ...;
  • have a scroll bar for the x axsis

    You can wrap your chart into the Scrollview with "x" scrolling mode. In this case you will have to set some fixed width to the chart component:

    Alternatively, you can couple the chart with a Rangechart (Pro) to view a particular portion of data:

  • Is there a way to lock the y-axis so that it's still visible while you scroll along the x-axis?

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    Hey @mjg, unfortunately this is not possible (from my experience), especially considering that this an interaction between two unrelated views - you are adding a chart inside a scrollview to add a scroll to the chart (which it doesn't have by default). For it to also interact in the way you've described isn't possible I'm afraid.

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