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Hi Webix team,

I am using angular routing on tree node click.
If I am manually clicking on treenode url is changing and routing happes.
But If I am clicking node explicitly url is not changing so not able to do routing.
I am not able to do snippet because for angular state it showing error.

Also I want tree nocation upto 3rd node and I am having that node id.
My data is coming from server on itemclick using ondatarequest method.

Mira Karale


  • Hi,

    Not sure how it may be related to Webix functionality

    While clicking on tree item, control triggers event and if you are using a JS code to trigger the routing, Webix will no interfere with routing code in any way.

    If you are using routing through extra attributes in HTML markup, the situation is a bit more complex, as tree intercept events and can repaint the item as part of click processing, which can break HTML attribute based routing.

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