pagesize when expanding parent node

I have a 10 size treetable. When I click parent node, kids doesn't show all of them.

see below image:

There 10 kids for the parent 90203050, but I can only see 6 of them because there are 10 serial no in total. I want to show all


  • Hello @hhkx ,
    Could you please send a snippet of the implementation, cause usually in such situation scroll is appeared? Maybe you used scroll X only which could turn off the vertical scroll or you set the height size, so it's better to see the code

  • there is nothing related with scroll. The problem is that, my limit size for paging is 10. And my parents more than 10.

    When I click any of parent, which has more than 10 children, it causes above problem.

    Is there any paging snippet sample for dynamic loading that uses paging?

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, this behavior is by design. The paging functionality was designed for plain components (list, datatable, etc) so it page all data, not top-level items only.

    If you have paging in the tree it means that pager will allow rendering the defined number of records (10) and other data will be rendered on a next page ( it will start the second page from last children of the expanded data )

  • Hi,

    Pager have a level property which defines the level of data hierarchy which will be considered for data paging (without parent/children, so we strongly recommend to set in only to 1 if needed).

    However, unfortunately, we have found a bug for this feature implemented together with dynamic loading (works well with client-side dataset).

    In the next release, the following sample will work as needed:

  • @maksim " ( it will start the second page from last children of the expanded data )" it doesn't start from the last children. I think that's the issue.

    @Listopad In the sample, if I change the size from 10 to 5, paging works well for parents however it gets all children nodes when clicked. I am looking forward to seeing the bug fix.

  • Has this problem been solved in the 6th version?

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