Form in the List or Dataview

Hi, by referring the snippet of data binding:

We able to do kind of binding between the list and form. But, would it be possible to place the form in the list? Means instead of using Template to specify the presentation of the list/dataview content, could we use the form?



  • Hello @laicp ,
    Maybe DataLayout could help you to solve the issue? It is based on Layout and operates the DataStore API. Thus, this widget combines the features of a layout and a data component.

  • @Nastja Thanks. Will look into it

  • @Nastja

    I wonder the dataLayout able to let the user select the block like the dataview or not?

  • Nope, the data layout is just a container. It can be used to render the similar UI with different data multiple times, but it doesn't support any list specific API ( selection, drag-n-drop, etc. )

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