Webix double list drag order problem

Dear Webix team,

I have a problem in double list view when perform a drag item.
The order of item can't change after drag.
You can see on this snippet.
when drag DEF item into before ABC, the item order didn't change.
Is there any solution to make double list drag n drop order modify ?

i hope i can get answer about my problem.



  • Hello @irvan_pradivta ,
    Unfortunately, there is no solution. Features of data organization in the control and custom logic DnD does not allow changing the order of items

  • You can use two common list widgets, and set the drag:"order" to the target one.


    Also, while we do not provide a ready to use solution, technically it possible to define a custom drag logic which can combine both drag-between-lists and drag-to-reorder behaviors.

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