uploader support IE 9?

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Uploader component can support IE9+?



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    Hello @yong ,
    Yes, but it has some restrictions. Drag-n-drop upload is supported only starting from IE10, and directory upload via drag-n-drop - only from Edge.

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    Thanks for reply me!

    I've problem. Testing webix uploader sample in browser IE9, that's not response.
    I found not html input tag => input type='file' /.
    Below Image:

  • Yes, this is the expected result.

    Native file input can't be styled very well, so instead of using it, webix renders a common button and creates but doesn't render a real file input button. When the real button is clicked, javascript code triggers related method of the file input, which will open the file selection dialog.

    This technique works in all browsers, including IE8+

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