form.validate() strange behavior on FireFox and Safari


I have a form which I am trying to do live validation for it's fields, which are set dynamically.
I am using 'onTimedKeyPress' event to do the validation as the user is typing, everything works normally on Chrome, but on FireFox and Safari, whenever the timer for the timedKeyPress event is finished and the form.validate function is called the field gets cleared automatically!
I am not sure what's why is this happening, have you encountered such a case before?


  • Got the same, including for Chrome.

    I tried to deal with native input keypress event to make my own "onTimedKeypress" without a complete success.

    I fallback to onChange event for moment.

    Should be great to make a snippet and demonstrate this case so webix team can take a look.

  • Hello,

    I've tried the following snippet in Chrome and Firefox and still could not reproduce the issue.

    Could you please share a problematic snippet?

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