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Hi Guys

Its been about 4 years since I last used Webix or any kind of development, so I've been out of the game for a while.

I'd like to use Webix and Jet for a Django project. But most the examples I can see show you have to install NodeJS..

I've got a couple of questions, I need to get answered to start:

1) Could I just grab the webix-jet/sources folder to begin developing with?
2) Is the code included with the main Webix library?
3) I've found this older PHP example, but I can't see how Jet is instantiated, as the only "require" is for webix_debug

(Or am I misreading this, and data-main is actually including the app.js)



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    Hi Kelvin,

    Both Webix UI and Webix Jet have no special requirements for project backend.

    1. As a start point for using Jet, please grab the jet-start package. "webix-jet" is a source code of the project with no additional dependencies required for building an app.
    2. Webix UI library and Webix Jet are provided separately.
    3. The actual PHP example is in the corresponding branch of "jet-start". Also, the other relevant demos are stored only in master of "jet-demos".

    Jet was updated to the 1.x version last year, so we keep sources, samples and docs for both old and new Jet in case someone is still using it. The latest docs are at

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