richselect dropdown anchoring incorrectly when viewing from bottom of the page.

I have a popup window with richselect element that is tied to button on the bottom of the page.

when the button is on the top of the page it seems to work fine but when clicked from the bottom of the page, it seems like the richselect popup is anchored to the top of the page still.

is there way to fix this? i did quick search on the issue but unsuccessful finding result.

here is a snippet of the problem im having.

scroll down to bottom and click on the button, the select popup is now showing.


  • Hello,

    I can confirm regression in suggest positioning - thank you for reporting it!
    We will try to provide the fix in the next Webix update (5.3.x). For GPL, the fix will be released in 5.4.

    If you have a valid support subscription and need it ASAP, please contact

  • @Listopad is it fixed ? do we need to update css or js?

  • Hello @vijaysinhparmar ,
    Yep, the issue was fixed since 7.0 update. So please consider the update to the latest version.

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