Maintain add order in right list of Double List

I am evaluating webix and am trying to replace some existing code with it. I want to use the double list component in my report builder. I would like to have the right list preserve the order in which a user adds items to it and not order them as defined in the left list. The idea is the items are columns in the report and the order in which they are added to the right list are meant to be the order in which the columns of the report are to be displayed (from left to right).


  • Hello @Kevin ,
    If I correctly understood you, so you can use two common list widgets, and set the drag:"order" to the target one.

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    This is not exactly what I am looking for. Say we have a list of column names for a report: ['Fire Time', 'Equipment Name', 'Summary', 'Source']. As it is now, no matter what order the user drags/moves items from the left list to the right list, they automatically order themselves to match the order in the above array.

    What I need is the following. If the user moves 'Equipment Name', then 'Summary', then 'Fire Time' (in that order) to the right list, then I need them to maintain that order of: 'Equipment Name', then 'Summary', then 'Fire Time'. And not 'Fire Time', 'Equipment Name', 'Summary' which matches the order in the left list.

    In your referenced snippet example, it ignores the order in which I drag/move items from left to right and re-orders them to match their position in the left list. I need to maintain the order in which I drag/move them from left to right

  • I hope it helps you
    It's possible to use as a basis such sample which was made by one of our users:

    and you can customize it in that direction which you need

  • Excellent! Thanks very much!

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