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By referring the snippet, I able to change the color of the modal box by changing the type: 'alert-warning','alert-error'.

But, on my side, the color is not change. I am applying air.css. I able to change it by setting the .webix.popup.title{border-bottom: 2px red}

But this may apply to all modal box. How can I change that?



  • Hello @laicp

    The required style is not supported in air skin, but you can add it manually with the following CSS:

    .webix_alert-warning .webix_popup_text,
    .webix_confirm-warning .webix_popup_text {
        box-shadow: 0 3px #ffd21a inset;

    Where .webix_alert-something corresponds to type:"alert-something" in the modalbox configuration, so you can add a custom type as well.

  • @Listopad Got it... thanks a lot

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