How can I call the filter function in webix datatable implementation

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I have the function below.But how can I call the function below.

 this.ui.filter(function(obj) {
      let result = true;
      let selectedResult = true;
      return result && selectedResult;

Please help me how to call above function on button click


  • Hi @mohit

    Could you please explain the syntax a bit further?
    webix.ui() is a standard constructor call, while in Webix Jet there is an alternative syntax this.ui() for initializing a view within the certain scope.

    However, the .filter method has to be applied to the datatable, so please make sure that you refer to the datatable view.

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    Hi @Listopad,
    I have a drop down outside the webix datatable.I want to filter the datatable according to selected value of dropdown.Please help me.

  • To do so, filter has to be called on the datatable with the needed parameters. Please check a basic example:

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