Problem with "disable" method in webix 5.3.4


I have an application which work with webix 4.0.0.
I have bought the license and download the version 5.3.4 and there are problems.
It is difficult to explain and a snippet has not the problem.
The method "disable" has bad behavior :

- In a form with severals field and a field type "text", if I use $$("textFieldId").disable() , all the application freeze.

2) If I have a list on the left and a form on the right and I use $("form").disable(),
the form AND the list are disabled.

Any ideas ?



  • The property : "disabled : true" in view : text in form has the same problem, all the form is freeze.

  • edited May 2018

    We tested your issues on different versions of Webix including 5.3.4.
    And everything works fine
    Could you please send a snippet which contains the problem?

  • It is ok , I had a custom css file from old version and it doesn't match with 5.3.4, that 's why disable method had a strange behavior. when I use css files given by the version , it works.

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