How to reset id's of view


In this snippet I am creating a new view on Add button click for which I have maintained a count variable. On removing a view I am decreasing a count. Now I want to reset the Id's of all the view.



  • Hi,

    The point is that id of a view has to be static - this is the core requirement of all logic related to the interaction between views.
    In case of using views count/order I would rather recommend you to get the needed widget by its position regarding the parent layout ( check the getChildViews method ), or queryView via some other parameter (perhaps, a custom one).

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    Hi @Listopad,

    Can I reset the id on delete event of all view? In my scenario its necessary to have dynamic Id's.

  • Unfortunately, there is no way to change ID of the initialized view. Available options are mentioned above.

    For example, with a custom property added to the configuration (let's call it myId ), you can change it as you need and always reach the view via

    topView.queryView({ myId:"some_custom_prop1" });
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