ptotoUI and onItemClick

Hello! I tried to create my own view with mouse event handling.

    name: "mapStatusLine",
    defaults: {
        template: "…",  
        on: {
            'onItemClick': function () { }
    // custom stuff
}, webix.ui.template, webix.MouseEvents);

And the 'onItemClick' fires never. Why so? What am I doing wrong?


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    You need to specify a click target as a CSS class of the needed HTML element. You can do it within the on_click property of the custom widget:

             this.callEvent("onItemClick", [e]);

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    you should not define event handlers in defaults block.
    as it will not work if you add any handler in view config.
    instead you should add required event handler in $init.

       $init: function(config) {
          this.attachEvent("onItemClick", function(){
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